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Title: All-India Trade Union Congress, Twenty-ninth session 30 Jan – 4 Feb 1973 Bankim Nagar, Calcutta.
Authors: All-India Trade Union Congress
Issue Date: 1973
Publisher: All-India Trade Union Congress
Abstract: Includes statements on the end of the Vietnam war and in memory of Bankim Mukherjee; a message from All Unionm Central Council of Trade Unions, USSR; Message from AITUC president S. S. Mirajkarand; the following articles: Do not call me poor, call me by my class name – The working class (Dange, Shripad Amrit); Advance of Workers’ United Actions and the 8th World Trade Union Congress (Mahendra Sen); Social Security in India – A review (Parvathi Krishnan); Birth of working class and AITUC (Ranen Sen, M. P.); Bonus: Changes in Concept, practice and law (Satish Loomba); Democratic industrial relations and trade union rights (K. G. Sriwastava); Struggle of the railwaymen (P. K. Kumaran); Indian working class and the challenge of communalism and regionalism (Santimay Roy); fight the bourgeous offensive of division and disruption (Indrajit Gupta, M. P.); An area of darkness? What is happening in Non-coking mines (Kalyan Roy, M. P.); Introducing Calcutta (Sunil Munshi); Glimpses of AITUC; Social progress in Poland (Helena Strzeminska); GDR trade unions care for the welfare of the worker; The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; Role of trade unions in Czechoslovakia.
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