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Title: 31st Session All-India Trade Union Congress : Reports on Industries. Reports on Condition of Workers in Certain Industries. Visakhapatnam, 26 - 31 October 1980 [Pt 2]
Authors: All-India Trade Union Congress
Issue Date: 1980
Publisher: All-India Trade Union Congress
Abstract: Includes reports on the following industries: Preface by the AITUC secretary; Welcome address by chairman of the reception committee M. V. Bhadram; AITUC presidents’ inaugural address Dange, Shripad Amrit; condolence resolutions; list of delegations from abroad; Messages received from overseas unions and Indian politicians and supporters; Speeches from fraternal delegates from abroad—World Federation of Trade Union (WFTU) acting general secretary Ibrahim Zakaria; All-Union Central Committee of Trade Unions secretary V. F. Bogatikov; Central Council of Trade Unions of Afghanistan member Fazal Ahmed Chakhansory; Bangladesh Trade Union Kendra vice-president Nur-Ur-Islam; Central Council of Czechoslavak Trade Unions secretary Jirina Vesela; Trade Union of National Salvation of Kampuchea organisation department secretary Chan Vanny; Central Council of Mongolian Trade Unions member G. Gelenkhu; Vietnam Federation of Trade Unions secretariat member Tran Anh Lien; Central Council of Confederation of Trade Unions of Yugoslavia presidium member Janos Sreder; West Germany’s FDGB member Fritz Roesel; Central Council of Hungarian Trade Unions international department head Karoly Szlovatsik; Committee for International Trade Unions Unity in Australia representative Don Henderson. Resolutions on: Disarmament and duty of the working class; Diego Garcia; Iran-Iraq war; Solidarity with Kampuchea, Vietnam and Laos; With the Afghan revolution; Solidarity with the struggle in Southern Africa and Namibia; Repression in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka; Solidarity with working people of Latin America; Solidarity with Palestinian People’s struggle; Solidarity with workers and people of Korea; Solidarity with the workers of Turkey; Bonus; Wages and DA; Industrial relations law; Against anti-democratic ordinances; Trade union unity; Social Security; Right to work and employment; Reduction of working hours; Agricultural workers; Working women; Prices; Minimum wages in scheduled employments; Rectify the consumer price index; Lock-outs and closures; Communal disturbances; North-eastern region; In support of journalists and newspaper employees; Solidarity with the struggle of Life Insurance Corporation and the General Insurance Corporation employees; Repression, Firings and attacks on trade unions; Support to the struggles of the peasantry; Nationalism of industries which have been taken over; Retrenchment of tobacco workers; Nationalisation of tea concerns; Pollution; Vijayanagaer steel plant; Beedi workers and their demands; Sixth (five-year) plan frame; Demands of the railway workers. Appeal to all workers: Forward to end the miseries of capitalist rule. Workers’ pledge on the 60th anniversary of AITUC. Reports of commissions on: Wages, dearness allowance and bonus; Social security; Trade union rights and unity. Lists of elected office bearers, members of the working committee, the general council. Credential committee report: union membership numbers by area and industry.
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