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Title: 32nd Session All-India Trade Union Congress, Bangalore: December 15-20, 1983
Authors: All-India Trade Union Congress
Issue Date: 1983
Publisher: All-India Trade Union Congress
Abstract: Includes condolence resolutions; Welcome address by reception committee chairman M. C. Narasimhan; Address from chairman of the presidium N. K. Krishnan; messages received; List of delegates from abroad; Speeches from fraternal delegates—World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) general secretary Ibrahim Zakaria; Soviet Trade Union delegation leader AUCCTU secretary V. Makeyev; Cuban delegation speech; Syrian Trade Union Federation member Omar Kanari; Jatio Sramik League Bangladesh assistant secretary Rafiquddin Ahmed; Central Council of Czeckslovak Trade Union secretary Miroslav Spaniel; Central Council of Bulgarian Trade Unions secretary Georgi Karaulanov; Bangladesh Trade Union Kendra secretary Shah Alam; Vietnam Federation of Trade Unions Nguyen Thuyet; French Confederation of Labour (CGT) France secretary Rane Comet; West Germany’s FDGB representative Herald Buhl; International Trade Union Unity Committee of Australia J. McCarthy; Central Council of Afghanistan trade Unions A. S. Purdelli; Ceylon Federation of Trade Unions M. G. Mendis; Central Council of Mongolian Trade Unions N. Myagmar; ILO regional office S. Sankar Narayanan; National Federation of Indian Women Tara Reddy; Bharatiya Khet Mazdoor Union G. Yallamanda Reddy; All India Banak Employees Association (AIBEA) president Prabhat Kar; Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) general secretary Samar Mukherjee, MP. Resolutions on: Solidarity with the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan; West Asian situation; Repression in Turkey; Grenada; Support to struggle of the people of Cyprus; Support for the Korean people; Kampuchea; Support to the democratic movement in Bangladesh; Young workers; Demands of agricultural workers; Withdraw the anti-labour bills and laws; Bonus; Nationalisation of the iron ore industry; nationalisation of textile industry; Against the racist regime in South Africa and in support of Namibia; Railwaymen and other central government employees; Commissioning the Vijaynagar steel plant; Safety in mines; De-notification of industrial units; Against LIC Employees’ Organisations split up; Dearness allowance and consumer price index; Price rise and remedial action; Comrade Dange, Shripad Amrit. Commissions: Reports and Resolutions: Social security; Problems of working women; Report of the commission on trade union unity; Report of the commission on industrial “sickness”, lockouts, closures; Trade unions in the struggle for peace and against nuclear war; On the commission on unorganised workers. Reports of the credentials committee: Lists of general council elected members, of office bearers, of the working committees. General Secretary’s Report: Escalation of nuclear war danger; AITUC and struggle for peace; State of the economy and impact on workers’ conditions; How the working class have fought; National committee campaign; Bombay textile strike; The new worker; Working women, young workers and agricultural labour; Corporate sector and MNCs; Communal and divisive forces; AITUC’s unity proposal; International relations and solidarity; Organisation; Main tasks ahead: Appendices; NCC resolution; AITUC letter to CITU.
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