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Title: 33rd Session of the AITUC, Vadodara: 15-20 December 1986. Report, resolutions and all other documents
Authors: All-India Trade Union Congress
Issue Date: 1987
Publisher: All-India Trade Union Congress
Abstract: Includes a preface; Condolence resolution; Welcome address of reception committee chairman Jatin V. Modi; Messages received; Fraternal delegates. SPEECHES BY FRATERNAL DELEGATES: WFTU, V. Mozhayev; AUCCTU, Victor Mishin; West Germany’s FDGB, Johanna Topper; Czechoslovak Trade Unions, V. Kozik; Centre of the Workers of Cuba, Orlando Benitez; Jatiyo Sramik Jaote Bangladesh, Mesbahuddin Ahmed; Bangladesh Trade Union Kendra, Saifuddin Ahmed Manik; Mongolian Trade Unions Congress, B. Chulunbator; Fenasol Lebanon, Fakhri Farhcud; General Federation of Trade Unions, Iraq, Abdul Qadir Mustafa; Ethiopian Trade Union, Melaku Mirtu; Bulgarian Trade Unions, Liliana Dimitrova; Central Trade Unions of Yugoslavia, Zvonimir Hrabar; CGT France, Th. Poupon; PPDA/Kabul City Trade Unions Afghanistan, A. Wasey Karger; General Confederation of Trade Unions Romania representative Constantin Radulescu; Italian General Confederation of Labour; All Poland Trade Union Alliance, Jerzy Uzieelo; General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea, Kong Jong Pal; Regional ILO office, S. Sankar Narayanan; CITU, N. Chakbavarty; Bharatiya Khet Mazdoor Union, P. K. Kodiyan. INDUSTRY REPORTS: Port, dock and water front workers’ federation of India; All India Petroleum Workers’ Federation; Activities of the National Federation of Engineering Workers of India; Indian Railway Workers’ Federation; Social burden on railways; All India Beedi, Cigar & Tobacco Workers’ Federation; Coal industry. COMMISSION REPORTS on: Threat to national unity, integrity and communal harmony; Trade union rights; Proposed amendments to the Industrial Disputes Act and the Trade Unions Act; Impact of the economic policies of the government on the industry and working class; Unorganised labour: Achievement of the AITUC and tasks; Trade union unity. RESOLUTIONS: Consumer price index; Support of strike of public sector employees on 21 January 1987; Support of the struggle of the people of South Africa and Namibia; Support of striking A.P. government employees; Beedi workers; Abolition of contract labour; Sri Lanka; Employees of private nursing homes and hospitals; Construction industry workers; Struggling workers of national building construction corporation Ltd., and bride and roof company under public sector; Rights of employees in institutions run by minorities; Save the jute industry; All India token strike of Indian aluminium workers; Central law for agricultural workers; IV central pay commission; Purchase of Paddy by Tamil Nadu government and for public distribution system; Threatened closure of Standard Motors Madras; Afghanistan; Tea trade; New textile policy of the government and serious consequences following therefrom; Against drug price rise; Social security; Stop forthwith Iraq-Iran war; Reunionification of Korea and peace in the AITUC; Significance of Gorbachev’s visit and the Delhi declaration; Solidarity with Nicaragua; Solidarity with Palestinian people; Safety in mines; Mavoor Gwalior Rayons strike; Nationalisation of shipping; Modernisation in the ports & docks; Electricity; Industrial development of North Eastern region of India; Lebanon; Unemployment; Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd (I.D.P.L.); Problems of the state road transport industry and workers; Dangers of industrial pollution; Assault of Laro Jonko by employers’ goondas; Goa’s liberation. Report of the credential committee. List of office bearers and working committee members, general council members. PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS booklet: Peace mobilisation; New Pak threat; Active American lobby; South African liberation movement; Fighting forces of disintegration; Economic stagnation; 21 January as national protest day; Unorganised workers; Expansion. GENERAL SECRETARY’S REPORT booklet: Struggle for peace; Against communal and secessionist forces and terrorists; New industrial and economic policies – Attack on public sector; New technology and trade unions; Unorganised sector; United actions and struggles; Fourth pay commission; New anti-labour laws; Bhopal and the TNCs; Trade union unity; Organisation; International relations; Tasks. INFORMATION MATERIALS booklet: Working population; Selected economic indicators; Employment and unemployment; Process of liberalisation and increasing concessions to monopolies; Central public sector enterprises; Growth of monopolies; Capital flight to foreign banks; Bhopal declarations on TNCs; Growing industrial “sickness”; New technology and trade unions; Industrial accidents; Prices and price rises; Labour cost; Industrial relations; Provident fund arrears; Arjun Sen Gupta Committee Report; Central Services (recognition of Service Associations) Rules, 1986; Privatisation; Verification of membership of central TU organisations.
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