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Title: World Federation of Trade Unions : Documents for 6th World Trade Union Congress. (Warsaw, October 8-22, 1965)
Authors: All-India Trade Union Congress
Issue Date: 1965
Publisher: All-India Trade Union Congress
Abstract: Includes: Agenda. I. Chapters: Preamble; International situation and the fight for peace; Economic and social situation in the capitalist world; Struggle for the complete eradication of colonialism and the development of liberated countries; Workers in the socialist countries, builders of a new world; Active international unity and solidarity, conditions for the success of the working class; Development of the world trade union movement and the responsibilities of the WFTU. II. Report on the development of the workers of people of colonial and newly liberated societies. Chapters: Preamble; Struggle of the workers and peoples against colonial domination, against neo-colonialism, & national revolutions; Role of the working class and of the trade union organisations in the national liberation movement; Solidarity with fight of the workers and peoples for national independence.
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