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Title: Labour Law Journal: 1971—Vol. I. January-June
Issue Date: 1971
Abstract: ARTICLES: 1. Disciplinary action & natural justice ; 2. Notional extension of master’s premises and Hobfield’s scheme of ‘Rights’; 3. Scope of Sec. 33-C(1) of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 (Act XIV of 1947). REPORTS, SUPREME COURT: 1. Alloy Steel Project v. The Workmen; 2. Batahari Jena v. The State of Orissa; 3. Bhagdan Chandra Das and another v. State of Assam and others; 4. Deb, K. R. v. The Collector of Central Excise, Shillong; 5. Deokindan Prasad v. State of Bihar and others; 6. Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs and others v. Tarak Nath Ghosh; 7. Indian Airlines Corporation v. Sukhdeo Rai; 8. Management of M/s. Pradip Lamp Works v. Pradip Lamp Workers’ Karmachari Sangh and another; 9. Management of Panitole Tea Estate v. The Workmen; 10. Md. Usman and others v. Andhra Pradesh; 11. Mysore Steel Works v. Jitendra Chandra Kar and others; 12. Pillai, T.C. v. The Indian Institute of Technology, Guindy, Madras; 13. Prabhakar Ramakrishna Jodh v. A. L. Pande; 14. The Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Andhra Pradesh v. T. S. Hariharan; 15. Sardari Lal, B. K. v. Union of India and others; 16. State of Assam v. Daksha Prasad Deka and others; 17. State of Kerala and another v. R. E. D’Souzha; 18. State of Punjab v. Dua Das Kaushal and Vice versa; 19. State of Punjab v. Shri Kishan Das; 20. Surath Chandra Chakravarty v. State of West Bengal; 21. Tulsidas Paul v. The Second Labour Court, W. B. and others; 22. Union of India v. Jyoti Prakash Mitter; 23. West Jamuria Coal Co., Ltd. And another v. Their Workmen; 24. Workers Employed in Hirakud Dam v. State of Orissa and another; 25. Workmen of M/s. Sur Iron & Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd. V. M/s. Sur Iron & Steel Co., Pvt. Ltd., and another; 26. Workmen of William Jacks & Co., Employees’ Union v. Management of William Jacks & Co., Ltd., Madras. HIGH COURT, ALLAHABAD: 1. Dalpat Tulsidas Thakur v. The State of Uttar Pradesh and another; 2. Divisional Personnel Officer and another v. Chhotey Lal Sexena and others; 3. Ganesh Flour Mills Co. Ltd., Kanpur v. The Labour Court, Allahabad and others; 4. Gupta, K. K. v. Union of India and others; 5. Manohar Lal Bhatia v. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur; 6. Misra, V. P. v. Union of India, through the General Manager, Northern Railway; 7. Mritunjai Singh v. State of U. P. and others; 8. Postal Seals Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd., Aligarh v. Labour Court, II, Lucknow and others; 9. Prasad, Dr. S. N., Reader in Zoology v. Chancellor, Allahabad University. HIGH COURT, ASSAM & NAGALAND: 1. Amal Kumar Ghatak and others v. The State of Assam and others; 2. Management of Pheros & Co., P. Ltd., Bamunimaidan, Gauhati v. The Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Assam and others; 3. Prafulla Chandra Sarma and others v. M/s. Oil India Ltd., Duliajan & others. HIGH COURT, BOMBAY: 1. Cooper Engineering Ltd., Bombay v. D. M. Aney and others; 2. Engineering Mazdoor Sabha v. S. Taki Bilgrami; 3. Kamla Bai v. Divisional Superintendent, Central Railway, Nagpur; 4. Ramakrishna, E.A.S. v. The Union of India. HIGH COURT, CALCUTTA: 1. Amarendra Nath Mukherjee v. Damodar Valley Corporation and others; 2. Hemlata Basu (Smt.) v. State of West Bengal and others; 3. Imperial Tobacco Co. of India Ltd. v. The Authority appointed by the State of West Bengal under Payment of Wages Act and others; 4. Indian Tobacco Company Ltd. v. The Deputy Labour Commissioner, Govt. of West Bengal, and others; 5. Life Insurance Corporation of India and others v. Nilratan Banerjess; 6. Poddar, M. G. v. The Regional Provident Fund Commissioner and another. HIGH COURT, DELHI: 1. Awtar Singh Dalip Singh v. The Zonal Manager (Northern Zonal Office), New Delhi; 2. Dutta, H. L. v. M. C. D. and others; 3. The Management of Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories, Delhi v. Raunaq Hussain and others; 4. Messrs. Premnath Motors Workshop Private Ltd. v. Presiding Officer, Industrial Tribunal, and another; 5. Messrs. S. S. Light Railway Company Ltd. v. The Industrial Tribunal (Central) and others. HIGH COURT, GUJARAT: 1. Dhari Gram Panchayat v. Shri Brahad Saurashtra Safai Kamder Mandal, Rajkot, Special Labour Court; 2. Indrakant Patel, M. v. State of Gujarat and another; 3. Modji Ladhuji v. K. P. Vasu Nambeesan. HIGH COURT, KERALA: 1. Kunhiraman, M. K. v. Purameri Service Co-operative Bank Ltd.; 2. M. V. Industries P. Ltd. v. State of Kerala and another; 3. Radhakrishna Umbrella Factory, Alleppey represented by S. Kumaraswamy Reddiar and another v. The Industrial Tribunal, Alleppey and another and other cases; 4. Raghavan Nair, M. P. v. State Insurance Officer and 3 others; 5. Saraswathy, V. v. The Manager, Vernakular School, Kizhur, Kunnamkulam and others; 6. Senior Superintendent, R. M. S. Cochin and another v. K. V. Gopinath; 7. State of Kerala and another v. P. Rama Warrier and others; 8. Sukumaran, T. P. v. District Superintendent of Police, Kozhikode; 9. Superintendent, Kaliyar Estate v. Kuriakko and another. HIGH COURT, MADHYA PRADESH: 1. Binod Mills Co. Ltd., Ujjain v. Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Indore; 2. Hindustan Steel Ltd., Bhilai v. Presiding Officer, Central Govt. Industrial Tribunal-cum-Labour Court, Jabalpur; 3. Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, Bairagarh v. Industrial Court, Madhya Pradesh, Indore and others; 4. Steel Workers’ Union v. Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) and Appellate Authority, New Delhi and others. HIGH COURT, MADRAS: 1. Anglo American Direct Tea Trading Co. Ltd. v. Labour Court, Coimbatore and another; 2. Chairman of Managing Committee of the Smt. Dev Kunwar Nanalal Bhatt Vaishnav College for Women, Chromepet v. Mrs. Aleyamma Thomas; 3. Kailasa Iyer, T. S. and another v. M/s. K. P. V. Shaik Md. Rowther and another; 4. Narayanaswamy v. The Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Madras and another; 5. Pilot Pen Company (India) Private Ltd. v. The Presiding Officer, Additional Labour Court, Madras and another; 6. Sri Rajagopal Transports (P.) Ltd., Tiruchirapalli-3 v. The Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Madurai and others; 7. Ramakrishnan, M. D. v. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, represented by its Secretary, Madras and another; 8. Sri Rama Vilas Service Ltd., Kumbakonam v. The Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Madras and another; 9. Venkatappan, P. V. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and another. HIGH COURT, MYSORE: 1. Narasimha Pai v. Damodara Bhat and another; 2. Palanimalai S. V. v. Regional Provident Fund Commissioner and another; 3. Parameshwaran, V. S. and others v. Chief Secretary, Government of Mysore and others; 4. Venkatachaliah, H. M. v. State of Mysore and another. HIGH COURT, ORISSA: 1. Dulal Chand Pramanick, Propietor of ‘Medico’, Bhubneswar v. The Commissioner of Income-tax and another; 2. Employees of State Transport Service, Cuttack, and of Orissa Road Transport Co., Ltd., Berhampur, represented through the All Orissa Motor Transport Motor Transport Employees’ Federation by its General Secretary, Vivekanand Marg, Bhubaneswar v. The Government of Orissa, represented by Secretary, Labour Employement and Housing Department, Bhubaneswar; 3. Kartikeswar Panda v. State of Orissa and another; 4. Kishori Charan Mohanty v. State of Orissa represented by the Inspector-General of Registration and another; 5. Prafully Kumar Dutta v. State of Orissa and others. HIGH COURT, PATNA: 1. Borhan Kumar v. Assistant Personal Officer, Indian Oil Corporation Refineries Division, Barauni Unit and others; 2. Indian Explosives Ltd. v. The Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Patna and another; 3. Management of the Bihar State Electricity Board, Patna v. The Workmen of the Bihar State Electricity Board and others; 4. (1) Rohtas Industries Ltd. v. Siva Prasad and others, (2) Rohtas Karmchari Sangh and another v. The Presiding Officer, Industrial Tribunal, Bihar and anothers; 5. Sheo Nath Prasad v. State of Bihar and others. HIGH COURT, PUNJAB & HARYANA: 1. Bachittar Singh Sandhu v. M/s. Punjab Woollen Textile Mills; 2. Bhatinda Central Co-operative Bank Ltd. v. State of Punjab and others; 3. Gurbachan Singh Bajwa v. Lachhman Singh Gill and others. HIGH COURT, RAJASTHAN: 1. Madan Kumar v. Surendra Kumar and others; 2. Railway Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society Ltd., Jodhpur v. The Authority appointed under the Payment of Wages Act for Jodhpur, and another. COURT OF APPEAL, (U.K.): 1. Edward v. Society of Graphical and Allied Trades; 2. Vandyke v. Fender and another. PRIVY COUNCIL, (U.K.): 1. Learie Collymore and another v. Attorney-General. QUEEN’S BENCH DIVISION, (U.K.): 1. Myrddin-Baker v. Teesside Corporation. UNITED NATIONS ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL: 1. Bhattacharyya v. The Secretary-General of The United Nations. INFORMATION SUPPLEMENT: Cost of Living Index.
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