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Title: Report of The All-Hyderabad Trade Union Congress : Presented by Dr. Raj Bahudur Gour, M.P. to the Second Session of the AITUC (April 11-13, 1954.). Trade Union Publication Series No. 11
Authors: All-India Trade Union Congress
Issue Date: 1954
Publisher: All-India Trade Union Congress
Abstract: The Hyderabad report to the Second Session of the AITUC in 1954 deals with the years 1951-54. The period has been one of deepening economic crisis and growing unemployment, signifying the failure of government policies. It contains the following sections: Growing unemployment; Industrial collapse; Rationalisation and workload; Absenteeism – Workers’ device to snatch some leisure; Corruption and waste; More accidents – Result of increased workload and corruption; Victimisation and attack on trade-union rights; Repression on the working class; Low wages and high costs of living; Fiasco of government policies; Struggles and achievements of the working class; Cement; Gold workers’ struggles; Coalminers’ struggles; Cotton textiles; Road transport; Municipalities; Cigarette workers’ achievements; Bidi workers’ struggles; Civil supplies employees; PWD employees; Chemical group; Shops and establishments; The labour department and its activities; General struggles and observance of days; Main problems facing the workers; Problems of social security; Provident fund; Deteriorating health; Housing; Fight for linguistic states; The fight for peace and against the American threat of enslavement; and Broad lessons for unity, organization and struggle.
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