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Title: Labour Law Journal 1951 Vol. 2
Authors: Venkataraman, R.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Bharat Law House
Abstract: Rulings and Judicial orders in Industrial Disputes between 1950-1951 referred to the Industrial Tribunals and Courts of Bombay, Lucknow, Allahabad, Agra, Kanpur, Barielley, UP, Calcutta, Madras, West Bengal, Hyderabad, Madurai, Madras, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Ernakulam, Travancore, Saurashtra / Legislative Notes etc ... : The United Commercial bank, Ltd., Madhurai (Petitioner) versus The Commissioner of Labour, Madras; Sterling General Insurance Co. Ltd., by Dy. General Manager (Petitioner); Between The Dhanraj Mills Ltd, Bombay and The Rashtriya Mill Mazdoor Sangh, Bombay; Between Ogalevadi Kamgar Union, Ogalevadi and Ogale Glass Works Ltd., Ogalevadi; Between Goodlass Wall & Elephant Oil Mills Employees Union, Bombay and The Goodlass Wallk Ltd., Bombay; Between The National Industrial Works and Their Workmen; Between The Asian Assurance Co. Ltd. Bombay and Their Employees at its Head Office; Between Hindustan Development Corporation Ltd. And Their Workmen; Between The Bengal Electric Lamp Works Ltd. And Their Employees; Between The Pioneer Match Factory and Their Workmen; Between J. K. Eastern Indusries Ltd. (and their allied concerns) and Their Employees (at the Head Office); Between The Standard Vacuum Oil Co., Bombay and Their Workmen; Present: Sri N. L. Vyas. Between The Mahendra Glass Works Co. Ltd., Morvi and Their Workmen (by Glass Men's Union, Morvi); Between Anamallais Timber Trust Ltd., Chalakudi and Their Employees (represented by Anamallai Timber Trust Union); Between Lakshmiji Sugar Mills Co. Ltd., Maholi and Their Employees, Between Ajudhia Distillery, Raja-ka-Sahaspur and Their Employees; Between Singh Engineering Works Ltd. Kanpur and Iron and Steel Mazdoor Union, Kanpur; Between H. R. Sugar Factory Ltd., Bareilley and Sri K. K. Gupta; Between Saharanpur Electricity Supply Co. Ltd. And Saharanpur Electric Supply Workers Union; Between Chowdhry & Sons (Engineers & Contractors) and Their Employees (in the premises of Banaras Electric Light & Power Co. Ltd.); Between Certain Beedi Factories Erode and Their Workmen; Between The Commonwealth Trust Hosiery Factory, Mangalore and Their Employees (By South Kanara Commercial Employees' Association); Between Gordon Woodroffe Leather Manufacturing Company Limited, Pallavaram and Their Workers (By Cingleput Dist. Tannery Workers' Union); Between Simpson & Co., Ltd. And Simpson's Staff Union; Between George Oakes Ltd. & Associated Printers (Madras) Ltd. And Simpson's Staff Union; Between The Madura Mills Co. Ltd., Ambasamudram and Their Workers; Between Raju Gramani Cigar Factory, Madras and Their Workers; Between Ajanta Art Printers, Vijayavada and Their Workers; Between Beedi Factories, Combatore District and Their Workers; Between Bhuvaneshwari Talkies, Gudiyattam and Their Workers; State of Bombay (Appellant) v The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd. And another (Respondents); The Dalhousie Jute Co. Ltd. (Petitioners) versus S. N. Modak and others (Respondents); C. P. Sarathy (Petitioner) versus State of Madras and another (Respondents); Between Sri W. C. Raymond and Ford Motor Company of India, Ltd., Bombay; Between The International Motor Company, Bombay and Their Workmen; Between The Triangular Motors Ltd., Bombay and Their Workmen; Between The Glass Workers' Union, Firozabad and Sri Savitri Shiv Oriental Glass Works, Firozabad; Between The Star Paper Mills Workers' Union and The Star Paper Mills, Ltd., Sharanpur; Between The Star Paper Mills, Ltd., Saharanpur and 1. The Star Paper Mills Union 2. The Kagaz Mill Mazdoor Union; Between Lord Krishna Sugar Mills Workers' Union and Lord Krishna Sugar Mill, Ltd., Saharanpur; Between Dyer Makin Breweries, Ltd., Lucknow. And The Distillery & Breweries Workers' Union, Lucknow; Between Elgin Mills Co., Ltd., Kanpur and The Suti Mill Mazdoor Union, Kanpur; Between Lord Krishna Sugar Mills, Ltd., Sharanpur and Lord Krishna Sugar Mill Workers, Union, Between The Electricity Companies at Patna, Mazaffarpur and Bhagalpur and Their Workmen; Between The Rampur Engineering Co., Ltd and Sri Solomon; Between The Lucknow Motor Workers' Union and The Oriental Motor Car Co., Ltd; Between Suti Mill Mazdoor Union, Kanpur and J. K. Woollen Manufacturers Ltd; Between Allen Berry & Co., Ltd. And Their Workmen; Between The Employees of the Kusum Hosiery Mills, Calcutta and The Kusum Hosiery Mills, Calcutta; Between The Delhi Cloth and General Mills Co. Ltd. And Their Workers; Between Banks in Delhi and Their Employees; Between Engineering Firms, West Bengal and Their Workers; Between Lever Bros. (India) Ltd and Their Workmen; Between The Commonwealth Tile Factory, Codakkal and Their Workers; Between Ahmedabad Mill Owners' Association and Textile Labour Association, Ahmedabad
URI: Delhi
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