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Title: Labour Gazette Vol. II, No. 5, January 1923
Issue Date: Jan-1923
Publisher: Labour Office, Secretariat
Abstract: January 1923. THIS MONTH IN BRIEF. COST OF LIVING: Wholesale prices, Dec 1922; Wholesale prices, 1922; Retail food prices, principal countries; Comparative retail food prices (Bombay, Karachi, Ahmedabad and Sholapur). WAGES: Wage census, cotton industry; Bonus to Bombay millworkers; Reduction of wages, UK. HOUSING: Middle class rents, Bombay and Karachi; Housing, depressed classes; Honorary correspondents. INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES: Industrial disputes, Bombay (Dec 1922, 1922); Calcutta tramway strike; Value of lock-outs and strikes; Whitley councils and works committees. TRADE UNIONS: Bombay, Ahmedabad. FACTORIES: Indian Factories Act; Factory inspection. ACCIDENTS: Causation; Factory accidents; Bihar colliery disaster. QUESTIONS IN THE LEGISLATURE: India and the Intl. Labour Office. MATERNITY AND CHILD WELFARE: Maternity allowance, Tata mills; Employment of women and children. CURRENT NOTES FROM ABROAD: UK, Australia, South Africa, Japan, China. BOOKS RECEIVED. STATISTICAL TABLES: Cost of living index, Bombay; Wholesale market prices (Bombay, Karachi); Wholesale prices, Bombay (Jan 1920); Retail food prices (Bombay, Karachi, Ahmedabad and Sholapur), Jul 1914, Nov and Dec 1922; Wholesale prices (India, foreign countries); Cost of living (India, foreign countries); Retail food index (India, foreign countries); Trade disputes, Dec 1922; Cotton spinning returns. CHARTS: Cost of living, Bombay; Monsoon progress, 1921-1922; Retail prices of food, Bombay; Cost of living, foreign countries; Exchange rate, Bombay; Strikes, Bombay; Monsoon, 1922.
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