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Title: Labour Gazette Vol VIII, No. 6, February 1929
Issue Date: Feb-1929
Publisher: Labour Office, Secretariat
Abstract: February 1929. MONTH IN BRIEF. COST OF LIVING: Feb 1929; Comparison with other countries; Wholesale and retail prices. LABOUR INTELLIGENCE: Industrial disputes, Presidency; Workmen’s Compensation Act; Employment situation, Jan 1929; Wholesale market prices; Agricultural outlook, Presidency; Labour news, Ahmedabad; Prosecutions under the Indian Factories Act; Rural labour conference in H.E.H. the Nizam’s Dominions; Japanese General Federation of labour; Labour in Bihar and Orissa; Questions in the legislature; Increases in working-class rents, UK, 1914-1928; Labour conditions, Russia; Labour movement, Japan; Trade unions, UK; Hours of labour in Germany – Trade Union report; Wages and hours in the cotton and wool industries, USA. TRADE DISPUTES BILL. Unemployment relief, Japan; Ratifications by Japan. Trade unions, Presidency. Industrial disputes, Presidency. Report of the trade mission to Near East and Africa. Comparative effects of variety and uniformity in work. CURRENT PERIODICALS. CURRENT NOTES FROM ABROAD. STATISTICAL TABLES: Cotton Spinning Returns (yarn, woven goods); Industrial disputes, Jan 1929; Wholesale market prices (Bombay, Karachi); Wholesale prices, Bombay; Cost of living index (India, foreign countries); Wholesale prices and retail food numbers (India, foreign countries); Retail food prices, Dec 1928 and Dec 1929; Working class cost of living, Bombay.
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