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Title: Seventeenth Tripartite : Official texts of Conclusions of the 17th Indian Labour Conference. Documents on Industrial Relations, Works Committees, etc. AITUC's Memorandum on Government's Labour Policy
Authors: All-India Trade Union Congress
Issue Date: 1959
Publisher: All-India Trade Union Congress
Abstract: Incl. Memorandum on Industrial Relations, Machinery for Collective Bargaining and the Settlement of Industrial Disputes, Problems Relating to Trade Union Organisation, Memorandum on Works Committees, Service Conditions of Domestic Servants, Payl Roll Savings Scheme, Proposal to Revise Rates of Compensation in the Workmens Compensation Act, On Delinking of Provident Fund Benefits from Gratuity for the Purpose of Granting Exemption to Establishments or Employees Covered Under the Employees' Provident Act, 1952 from the Operation of the Provisions of the Employees Provident Funds Scheme, 1952, AITUC's Comments on Government's Memorandum on Industrial Relations
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