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Title: All-India Trade Union Congress: Report Fifteenth Session, 1935
Authors: All-India Trade Union Congress
Issue Date: 1935
Publisher: All-India Trade Union Congress
Abstract: Includes: proceedings, with speeches by chairman of the reception committee S. H. Jhabvala; by AITUC president Maniben Kara; by Jawaharial Nehru. GENERAL SECRETARY KHED-GIKAR’S REPORT: United front; Calcutta session; Bombay Girni Kamgar Union election; Bombay Dock Workers’ union; Amalgamation of rival unions; Efforts for unity with NTUF; Affiliation of unions from the Red TUC; United front with the All India Congress Socialist Party; Relations with the Indian National Congress; Activities; Informal meetings; Observance of days; Labour week; Labour legislation; Strikes; Repression; Non-recognition of trade unions; Provincial committees; New unions; Affiliation of new unions; Funds. RESOLUTIONS: Trade union unity; repression; War; Greetings to Abysinnia; Relations with Indian National Congress; Collective representation; Scheme of representation—DCC executive, PCC and annual session, AICC, TU constituencies, method of election; Development of political consciousness; Labour constituencies; Payment of wage bills; Factories’ Act; Press workers; Jamshedpur Metal Workers’ union; Peasantry; Majoor Mahajan Ahmedabad; Railway retrenchment; Unemployment; Immediate tasks; New office bearers. List of affiliated unions for the year 1936-37; AITUC constitution.
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