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dc.contributor.authorAll-India Trade Union Congress-
dc.description.abstractIncludes: the proceedings: amendments to the constitution. Elections. General council meeting. Table of affiliated membership. GENERAL SECRETARY’S REPORT: Strength of the AITUC; Meetings; Provincial and regional conferences; Visits to affiliated unions; Activities of provincial and regional committees; Regional councils in Gujarat, Khandesh, Andhra, Kerala; Programme for extension of AITUC activities; AITUC circulars and publications; AITUC finances; Tripartite deliberations—Standing labour committees, plenary tripartite conferences, action on tripartite deliberations; Representations made to government; AITUC representation on government committees; Indian workers representative at ILO conference; World trade union conference; Economic and political situation; Workers and the political situation; Labour in Indian states; AITUC presidents tour to Great Britain; Fraternal greetings; ILO conference for Southeast Asua; 21st session of the AITUC. RESOLUTIONS: The faith of the AITUC; Martyrs for Indian Freedom; Workers and the political situation; Suppression of civil liberties; Ban on the Indian National Congress; Release of the Congress Working Committee members; Chimur and Ashti prisoners; Greetings to the Red Army; Greece; British labour delegation; Invitation to Soviet Trade Union representatives; On planning; Dearness allowance and public wages; Rationing for industrial workers; Involuntary unemployment; Operation of National Service ordinance; Delay in adjudication and conciliation; Weekly Holidays’ Act; Recommendations of Labour Enquiry Committee; Indian states; Malaria epidemic in workers’ areas in Bengal; Labour policy of the Madras government; Railway wokers’ demands; Private motor drivers; Textile workers; Handloom weavers; Jute workers; Labour in coal mines; Kolar gold fields workers; Khewra salt mine workers; Mica workers; Iron and steel industry workers at Jamshedpur; Paper and press workers; Tea plantation workers; Workers employed by contract system. Affiliated unions; General council members; Addresses of provincial committees and regional councils of AITUC; List of attendees to 21st session; AITUC constitution.-
dc.publisherAll-India Trade Union Congress-
dc.titleAll-India Trade Union Congress: Report Twenty-First Session: Madras, 1945-
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