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Title: All-India Trade Union Congress Report of the Twenty-third Session, 1949
Authors: All-India Trade Union Congress
Issue Date: 1949
Publisher: All-India Trade Union Congress
Abstract: Includes: Report on Work Done (From Feb. 1947 to March 1949): Deepening economic crisis; Jute; Cotton textiles; Railways; Mines; Mineral and metal industry; Tea plantations; Municipal services; Other employees; Agricultural labour; Dearness allowance; Unemployment; Increased workload; Capitalist profits; Textiles; Clarification of strikes; The struggle; AITUC and WFTU. Working committee (in relation to Pakistan); General council; Standing credentials committee; Organizational work at head office. WORK ON OFFICIAL BODIES: 8th Indian Labour Conference; 9th Labour Conference and 10th Standing Labour Committee; 11th Standing Labour Committee; Committees under Industrial Truce Resolution. Indian Industrial tripartite committees; Other committees appointed by the Indian government; ILO. Appendices: Resolution on desertions; Resolution on Industrial Truce; N. M. Joshi’s statement; Statement of accounts. RESOLUTIONS on: Basic demands; Workers resist; Unemployment; Trade union rights; Railways; Railway enquiry report; INTUC; Comrade Ganapathy; Telangala struggle; Detenus’ demands; Repression and release of trade union leaders; Commonwealth pact; Atlantic pact; Peasants’ struggle against procurement plan; Post and telegraph employees; Bombay municipal workers’ strike; World Peace Congress; Jute workers; Kali Bannerji’s arrest; Firings in Calcutta; Textile workers’ conference; Martyrs; Death sentences on Hyderabad peasant leaders; Detenus’ aid relief; Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation; Militant movement of the middle class; Calcutta tram workers; Municipal workers of West Bengal. STRIKE DIARY: Textiles; Jute; Other industries; Ordnance factories; Mines; Railways; Dock and port trust workers; Bus and tram labour; Municipal employees; Miscellaneous; Bidi (Beedi), cigar and hotel etc. workers. Constitutional amendments.
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