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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Social security & Effects of environment on the working and living conditions of workers (New Delhi: 30 November - 3 December 1977). Fifth Asian Trade Union SeminarAll-India Trade Union Congress
1972Sohyo Congress and Japanese Working ClassAll-India Trade Union Congress
1972Strike Movement : In developed capitalist countries 1951-1970All-India Trade Union Congress
1995Supreme Court Judgement (Dt. 09.05.1995) Relating to Abolition of contract labour systemAll-India Trade Union Congress
1971The Face of US ImperalismAll-India Trade Union Congress
1963The Index Fraud : Memoranda submitted to the Experts Committee on Consumer Price Index Numbers, Bombay by AITUC, INTUC and HMSAll-India Trade Union Congress
1976The National Apex Body Proceedings and conclusionsAll-India Trade Union Congress
1975The role of public sector in Asian development (Nagpur: 23-26 September 1975). Fourth Asian Trade Union SeminarAll-India Trade Union Congress
1971The two TU conferences : 18-19 May 1971, 20-21 May 1971: Documents-Speeches-DeclarationsAll-India Trade Union Congress
1990Trade Union Strategies for the 1990sAll-India Trade Union Congress
1950Withdraw the Black Bills: Labour Relations Bill and Trade Union Bills analysedAll-India Trade Union Congress
1965World Federation of Trade Unions : Documents for 6th World Trade Union Congress. (Warsaw, October 8-22, 1965)All-India Trade Union Congress