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dc.description.abstractIn the Supreme Court of India Civil Appellate Jurisdiction: The Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage versus A Rejappy & Ors etc, judge Krishna Iyer J. dismisses the water supply and sewerage board appeal. Krishna Iyer J. begins the judgement by noting that there has been great inconsistency in landmark cases in industrial law on what ‘industry’ actually means under the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. This situation cannot be allowed to continue, so the term ‘industry’ needs to be clearly defined, something which has actually been exacerbated by the bench: “Legalese and logomachy have the genius to inject mystique into common words.” The judge reviews previous cases in order to clarify the term. Further appeals confirming and extending on Krishna Iyer’s decision are outlined at the end.-
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dc.titleDefinition of "INDUSTRY" amplified : Text of Supreme Court Judgement of February 21, 1978-
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